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About Us

Not Your Average Steam Cleaning

Steamit Cleaning Solution's Mission

Creating A Safe and Productive Environment For Our Clients

We provide valuable dry steam cleaning services to the Northeastern Pennsylvania, Monroe County and surrounding area at affordable prices.

Our dry steam cleaning solution is the most effective and eco-friendly cleaning method currently available in the cleaning industry. Dry steam stands superior to standard commercial cleaning procedures since many locations are ill-equipped to cope with excessive waste water. By using steam as a cleaning agent you can remove graffiti, pest infestations, mold & more while deodorizing and sanitizing at the same time.

Advantages To Using Steam Cleaning

Why Use Dry Steam To Sterilize Vehicles and Locations?

Many pathogens lie beneath a biofilm. The use of dry steam cleaning strips away the biofilm and any microbes beneath it. Unlike with the use of chemicals, bacteria does not develop a resistance to steam.  While under pressure, steam also has the ability to work it's way into cracks & crevasses without blasting dirt and grime everywhere the way pressure washing does. Dry steam cleaning also minimizes the use of water waste.

Why Choose Dry Steam Cleaning?

With steam cleaning you can avoid the health concerns that come with the traditional method of chemical cleaning. It's a safer, more effective way to clean.

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