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Why Choose Dry Steam Cleaning?


  • What is a steam cleaner?
    A steam cleaner is a machine that heats water by using an internal boiler that is powered by electricity. The heated water is then pressurized and released via a nozzle as steam to sanitize and clean almost any surface.
  • How does dry steam cleaning work?
    Dry steam cleaning uses steam that is only 5%-6% water to carry 200+ degree heat to the surfaces being trated. Steam cleaners can loosen dirt and hard to clean messes because of the heat and the pressure nozzles used to dispense the steam.
  • What can a dry steam cleaner be used on?
    Dry steam cleaning can be used on pretty much any surface that isn't extreamly heat sensitive.
  • What surfaces can be dry steam cleaned?
    A dry steam cleaner can be used on almost any hard or soft surface such as counter tops, bathrooms, windows, tiles & grout, furniture, curtains, bedding, auto interiors & more.
  • What are the benefits of using dry steam cleaners?
    Since they use only water and heat to clean they are eco-friendly. They don't leave behind chemical residue like traditional chemical cleaners do. Dry steam cleaners kill bacteria and germs, they also eliminate allergens like cigarette smoke, dust, chemical residue, mold & mildew.
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